£1000 payday loans

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If you need a cash advance pretty quickly then consider looking for £1000 payday loans. The cost of you going overdrawn with your bank can be expensive and it might be more cost effective to take out a small payday loan. You can borrow from between £100 and £1000 and payback the loan with your next monthly pay check. The money would be taken automatically from you bank account for the repayment. Most payday loan lenders will have the money transferred into your bank account within 24 hours. So it is a really quick method of obtaining a small amount of cash up to the sum of £1,000.

So if you are in need of a cash injection because maybe your boiler has broken and you need some money to get it repaired, or you need some money to pay for your car being fixed. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason is for you wanting to lend up to £1000. If you need small cash advance then look at our selection of £1000 payday loans.

Tips on how to successfully apply for £1000 payday loans.

Successfully applying for a payday loan is very easy. If you are a tenant or a homeowner you can apply for a £1000 payday loan. Even people that have a poor credit rating will be accepted. So long as you are in employment and you can afford to pay back the money next month when you’re monthly salary is transferred in to your bank account from your employer, there should be no problems.


Payday loans have a history of being a very expensive way of obtaining credit. The interest rates that loan lenders charge consumers are very high. So long as you use them as a short term borrowing facility and you payback the money with 31 days they can be a great way of obtaining money quickly.

Always pay off the payday loan with your next months salary, otherwise you could face yourself struggling to pay off the high interest rate you have agreed to. You don’t want to get into debt problem, so make sure you can afford to pay off the loan when requested by the lender.